DV directory update

Thank you to everyone who registered for the DV Directory. While we had hoped to make the directory a useful tool and a hub for the Valley, participation was relatively low. This was even after we added Facebook integration for easier registration.

We will be immediately shutting down the DV Directory and deleting all registrations and entries. A great alternative is already up and running in the Valley; if you haven’t registered for the Dammeron Valley Nextdoor site, please take a moment and do so. Nextdoor is a great place to share community posts, and includes both a member and pet directory. There are already 132 members in the Dammeron Valley Nextdoor directory! If you need an invitation link, please use the Contact form to request one.

While DV Matters won’t be running the online directory going forward, we do hope to make this a useful and informative site with additional and ongoing community projects. If you have any ideas, please let us know!

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to register.


We know it’s a little behind schedule, but the new DV Directory is now ready for prime time! During the process of getting this up and running, we changed direction and developed a more robust tool than was originally planned. Unfortunately, this means the 75 people who submitted information on DV Matters will need to re-register for the new directory. We’re really sorry about the inconvenience, but we know you’ll love the new directory.

Some of the cool features include:

  • Facebook login – Quickly and easily register and login using your facebook account. This means no need for a separate username and password for the directory!
  • Robust search – Search for members by last name, street address or phone number!
  • Custom profile – Customize your profile with a banner photo and profile picture, and update your information any time it changes.
  • Mobile friendly – While we don’t have a native mobile application, the site is mobile friendly, so you can find information even when you’re on the go…just bookmark it in your mobile browser.

For now, the directory is available to Dammeron Valley residents and landowners only. Down the road, we may expand it (if there’s interest) to include surrounding communities, and we might add a local businesses section.

For now, spread the word to your Dammeron Valley friends and neighbors so that we can get as many folks included as possible! And, remember…unlike a lot of online community sites, we will never sell or make your information available to third parties, and we’ll never use the directory to market any services. Please use the information for personal reasons only, and don’t ever use the directory to market or sell your products and services. Thanks!

DV Matters

June contest winner

Congrats to Ken and Jean Dixon on winning the June submission contest! Check your email for details on how to claim your pie from Veyo Pies.

We’ll run another contest in July if we can hit 100 submissions in total. Thanks to everyone so far for submitting info. We should have the directory up and running within a couple weeks.

building momentum

It’s been about two weeks since launching DV Matters and the DV directory project. More than 50 owners in the Valley have submitted their information for the directory. That means there are still a lot of folks who need to be included!

Be sure to share the link to the site or submission page with your friends and neighbors who might not be on facebook or spend time catching up on the two main groups there. If we can get 100 or more submissions by the end of the month, we’ll select two lucky winners to receive a free pie from Veyo Pies!

Once we see how many submissions there are by the end of the month, we may consider doing a snail mail campaign to make everyone in the Valley aware of the new directory. Don’t be disappointed or feel left out if you don’t get a postcard…we’ll only be sending them to homes that have not registered!

Thanks again to everyone who has submitted. Look for an update in the next couple weeks announcing the launch of the online directory. Once it’s available you’ll access it at DV Matters and will need to register online to use it.

the directory

It seems people in the Valley are looking for an updated directory for Dammeron Valley. The last DVLA published directory was in 2015, and with many residents no longer in the DVLA, many have expressed a need for a Valley-wide directory that includes everyone.

So…welcome to the first DV Matters community project! The great part about this initiative is the only participation required from the community is contributing information to the directory. Submitting your contact information is easy…just use this link to access the online form:

Submit your information to the DV Directory!

The DV Directory will be available online via the DV Matters website soon. Registration will be required to access the directory when it’s available. Once registered, you can download the directory or search it online. The plan is to have the directory available by 15 July, so please submit your information as soon as possible.

The directory will only be available to Dammeron Valley residents, and all registrations will be verified. The information in the directory is only for personal use, and we all agree we will not use it for commercial or non-community purposes.

We’d like to get this built as quickly as possible, so if you submit your information by end of day on 30 June, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free pie from Veyo Pies! You get to pick your favorite, so complete the online form now to be entered for the drawing!