What is DV Matters?

Dammeron Valley Matters is a community interest website. Over the last two years, the Valley has changed pretty dramatically, and many residents have expressed interest in more efforts to bring our community together. This space is one step toward trying to do that.

Initially, DV Matters is going to focus on activities that help foster community involvement and improveĀ our Valley. We’ll organize one or two projects each quarter and spread the word to everyone in DV. Hopefully, there will be a lot of interest and we can get some really good participation. Maybe it will even lead to a formal community improvement organization! We’d love to hear your ideas for projects or activities. You can submit them here.

As we move forward and gauge interest, this site may also become a place that will inform residents of the Valley of matters of interest…DV matters, so to speak (see what we did there?). We hope to pull information from many of the current sources, such as the two primary Facebook groups and the DVLA website, as well as news, updates or events submitted by members of the community.

We encourage everyone to subscribe to the site for updates. They’ll be a little sporadic in the beginning, but as we build some momentum, we want to make sure everyone is informed and has opportunities to participate. Thanks for checking out this space and for helping make Dammeron Valley a great place to live.