building momentum

It’s been about two weeks since launching DV Matters and the DV directory project. More than 50 owners in the Valley have submitted their information for the directory. That means there are still a lot of folks who need to be included!

Be sure to share the link to the site or submission page with your friends and neighbors who might not be on facebook or spend time catching up on the two main groups there. If we can get 100 or more submissions by the end of the month, we’ll select two lucky winners to receive a free pie from Veyo Pies!

Once we see how many submissions there are by the end of the month, we may consider doing a snail mail campaign to make everyone in the Valley aware of the new directory. Don’t be disappointed or feel left out if you don’t get a postcard…we’ll only be sending them to homes that have not registered!

Thanks again to everyone who has submitted. Look for an update in the next couple weeks announcing the launch of the online directory. Once it’s available you’ll access it at DV Matters and will need to register online to use it.

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